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Online Masterclass Brainwork for Horses
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Brainwork for horses, have you ever heard of it? It means that you let the horse look for something tasty inside or on top of different materials, under your guidance. This can be treats, fresh fruit or vegetables or even his regular food.

There are a lot of benefits of doing brainwork with your horse:

🧩 It makes your horse relaxed because of the endorphin your horse releases while doing brainwork

🧩 The bond between you and your horse improves because your really doing it together

🧩 Horses that have an injury can still release their energy by doing the mental work that brainwork is

🧩 You learn to read your horse’s body language

🧩 It’s a great way to let young horses get used to strange things

🧩 You meet your horse’s natural need to be mentally challenged

🧩 You and your horse have fun together!

About the Online Masterclass

In this online masterclass you will learn the basics of brainwork for horses. Ofcourse I want to help you and your horse to experience the benefits of brainwork together! Therefore I’ll show you some practical example video’s and explain step by step how the excercises are build and how to do them yourself.


The costs for the online masterclass are € 20 and you’ll get the E-Book Brainwork for Horses for FREE! You’ll receive both the Masterclass and the E-Book in your e-mail as soon as you sign up so you can start right away.


Brainwork for horses is a musthave
Anything but dull, alternative or floaty. In my opinion, brain work for horses is an absolute must for the horse. Horses in the wild fill their days with brainwork. Very simply explained, brainwork for horses is searching for hidden food. In nature, this is the only way to survive. We can challenge sport horses with brainwork, train mobility and stimulate the senses. No room service, but work for a living, resulting in relaxation through effort.

Miranda van Dongen, Participant online course Brainwork for Horses (Dutch)

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